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Press On performance Dual-Grip Non-Slip Socks



Product Type: marathon running socks

Vendor: performance socks


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With our Patented Special Urethane Non-Slip pads on the inside and outside, our Non-Slip Socks will help you improve your performance and safety like no other grip socks you know.


We slip and we fall. Sometimes it's okay but many times it's not. Add extra grip on every step of your way in your favorite sports and daily life with our ultimate Non-Slip socks. The change in performance is so dramatic that many professional players wear them, not to mention how much safer it would be.

We slip when the surface is slippery and our feet are slippery. That is why we add our Patented Non-Slip pads on the outside and inside the socks. The inner pads will create extra grip between your feet and socks, which gives you the stability of a completely different level.

  • Non-slip socks will improve the overall safety of your daily life by providing a better grip.
  • Non-slip socks will also improve your performance in most sports that you play with your socks on including baseball, soccer, basketball, golf, running, cycling, and yoga because your footwork will be much more stable.
  • Our patented Urethane Grip Pads will provide the ultimate grip and outperform similar products with higher price tags. 
  • You can walk and run better with less stress on the sole thanks to our unique Biomimetic Grip Pads on both in and out of the socks.


  • By simulating the cell structure of an octopus suction cup, we managed to make our non-slip pads 'breathe'. That's why you won't slip even when it is raining, or when you are sweating much.
  • WeFoot Non-Slip Socks will not only provide the grip between your socks and your shoes like the other ones but also the grip between your feet and the socks themselves by having the Grip Pads on both in and out of the socks. It is not hard to imagine how much your soles would feel more secure.


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